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  • The letter K in Nick Land’s work

    The letter K in Nick Land’s work

    I recently encountered an array of concepts designated by the K letter and this in just a few weeks of the interval. They all deal with mathematics or physics. Most come from my reading of Nick Land’s Fanged Noumena, but not only. Kuber When reading Land’s Fanged Noumena, you will encounter the letter K numerous…

  • Whats is E/ACC?

    Whats is E/ACC?

    What’s E/ACC (pronounced /ˈiːak/) ? At first it was a meme, distributed around Tweets, bios and Twitter spaces. Patient zero unknown. Newspapers started to talk about it, but only scratched the surface. This post is an attempt to reverse engineer E/ACC, to get its substance. Accelerationism First we need to define accelerationism. Accelerationism refers to…