Here is a short story, heavily inspired by Maurice Dantec’s sequel to Babylon Babies, Satellite Sisters. It is one of my favorite books, written where Elon Musk and Richard Branson escape to a private moon base while being chased by the UN 2.0. No English translation is available, but I translated a chapter myself last year.

Following the events of the 2024 French Olympics, NATO entered war against Russia and soon China.

24th of July 2024.

The month of Julius Caesar.


Elections in the main NATO members were put on hold, precipitating Canada, USA, France, UK, Germany into civil war, ultimately leading the globalist West to its Gestalt Fall.

Western democracy’s lifespan, echoed by its token, the US Dollar, just dropped to Zero. NGOs, climate change activists, AI gender bias researchers were instantly driven to their natural conclusion : their garbage time just runned out, and they won’t be allowed for Level 2. Thank you for playing anyway.

Your Democratic simulation has crashed, please insert a new Operating System.

Hopefully, genetics, AI, and robotics were just around the corner. The EU constitution was abolished, the government replaced by an open source AIs and the European Panarchy eventually declared. It immediately put in place the European Genetic Passport Program, where citizenship became an exclusive blood right side effect, based on the Israeli model, constitutionally enforced by an autonomous weapon program.

Positive feedback loop.

The West has completely surrendered itself to Techno Capital – a totally decentralized model, running on AI and blockchain and kept afloat by the competition of crypto backed private and fully sovereign militias. Drug markets, white ethno-state and micro-khalifa, formerly tolerated for few occult proxy-wars, were now running free, mining and colonizing a World that was up for grab.

April 2033, Lafarge offshore platform.

I was stationed as a robotic engineer, on the Lafarge offshore platform, on the west coast of Africa. The platform was a fully, vertically integrated industry, mining silicium and uranium, transforming it into nuclear powered GPU clusters to finally mine bitcoin and train unregulated AI. 

Africa was just a start. The sino-russian exclusion zone on the moon had fallen one month ago, probably due to the GX_P2V brain eater virus. Colonization was now expanding beyond the Karman line, with private companies like ours shipping hundreds of tons of autonomous weapons on earth’s natural satellite.

The news had just fallen: Kali Yuga 8, the space station run by the buddhist skinheads gang, had just imploded, following a raid of the UN 2.0. The station, officially built with stolen Soyuz rockets, unformally with the help of the CIA, was accused of on-demand protein printing, including AI engineered viruses. The station’s débris will soon form a ring of fire that will prevent any space departures for days. Any available rocket that could be launched during the next hour had to be filled with men and material and sent to orbit.

I was immediately assigned to a space Shuffle, model Moonraker, with a crew of five people.


Launch +6 minutes, entering space.

Launch +66 minutes, visual contact with the Lafarge orbital spaceport.

Suddenly our spacecraft was hitted by a space-space missile, launched by some unknown satellite. An illegal act, not in regards our man made laws, but rather to the inescapable law of space politics: If any player, surviving in the space void via a thin metal can filled with oxygen, starts a shoot-out, he would immediately make the game unplayable for everyone, including himself.

The pilot and copilot died instantly and the shuffle, suffering from multiple leaks and engine failures, was out of control. Impossible to show-up at the spaceport in these conditions. Without the possibility of maneuvering the spaceship properly, and with the cloud of debris that accompanied us, the dome of protection would automatically disintegrate us. We had to abandon the ship and reach the station via MMU.

We escaped from the starship by the cockpit and reached its shipment compartment by making a space-walk. Once inside, we picked three MILOO* robot dogs, tied them together, and used the analog guidance system to reach the station. A standard procedure that we were trained for, using the deep sea as a simulation environment, repeating rescue missions and low/zero gravity combat with semi/fully autonomous weapons support.

Approach in progress.

I could not help myself, staring at the beauty of all the fire exchanges and explosions that were happening at the intersection of the atmosphere. We were not the only ones attacked, in fact we were witnessing the very first orbital 9/11.

False flag

Once aboard, the news just dropped : UN 2.0 was releasing a ban on every non-governmental space operation and called for the dismantling of every AI government. Special operations were currently underway to switch-off every major GPU cluster. Programmers were arrested, charged for crimes against humanity, and their DNA blacklisted from white market sperm banks. A very ineffective measure, not only because their semen would still be available on the black market, but also because women were willing to pay higher for the seed of war criminals and other serial killers. 

Minutes after the announcement, the orbital defense systems detected numerous rockets, fired from below the sea. Nobody stores commercial rockets under the sea.

Nuclear ballistic missiles.

UN 2.0 versus AGI.

Human rights versus inhuman rights.

Every space station that could was now moving into high orbit. Spaceports, orbital casinos, private space-based power stations. All were now in talk with each other, trading resources, making alliances and preparing their upcoming moon landing.

While on earth the antichrist had arisen,

Space colonization just begun.

*MILOO are autonomous robot dogs developed by Dassault Systems on the model of Boston Dynamics robot dog.


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