I need $ for my Vision Pro

Level-1 or world space is an anthropomorphically scaled, predominantly visionconfigured, massively multi-slotted reality system that is obsolescing very rapidly. Garbage time is running out. Can what is playing you make it to level-2?

– Nick Land, Meltdown

There are two events. One is that I have finished working on a PDF publishing platform and found out that I no longer want this project. The other is that my wife is now jobless, which opens the gate to potential financial difficulties. I did not feel well, if not very bad. I had to take a few walks to eventually come to the conclusion that I did not have a vision for the future, or maybe I needed a catastrophe like this to force me to choose a vision for my future. How could you follow any man, or how could I take a risk, if I do not believe that the project is anything more than a gadget? If, in the coming months, I go bankrupt and still need to pursue something I’m passionate about, having just any project to seek funds will not suffice. I will need a project that I genuinely believe is worth its funding.

Why did I pick on this project initially? Because I wanted it to be a milestone in a more ambitious project, a project of Metaverse called 3Dchan. Sounds crazy? I had already developed it years ago, and it was operational — both technically and in attracting an audience*. I was close to the resolution of the Metaverse billion dollars’ equation. How could I have let this behind? I need to speak the truth: that I swept into a project because I wanted to go for the solution with minimal effort. I did not have truth in the future, I did not have a vision.

(I am also suspicious that this incapacity to project ourselves in the future is linked to AI and Vision Pro hype)

I will fix that. I will be open to new stuff, arts, music.

Is there a shortage of ways of making money? I do not think so. I think the real scarcity lies in innovative visions for the future. And so, here are projects I believe in :

  • NFT & Drawings
  • 3Dchan II
  • Remote controlled Muzzle

Maybe in one of these projects lies a money making machine that would lead to the foundation of the Patriarchic State! Who knows?

* I discontinued the project because I lacked ideas for monetization, but now I believe Web3 offers the ideal framework for this purpose.


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