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  • Whats is E/ACC?

    Whats is E/ACC?

    What’s E/ACC (pronounced /ˈiːak/) ? At first it was a meme, distributed around Tweets, bios and Twitter spaces. Patient zero unknown. Newspapers started to talk about it, but only scratched the surface. This post is an attempt to reverse engineer E/ACC, to get its substance. Accelerationism First we need to define accelerationism. Accelerationism refers to…

  • Geo-engineering: The Tech to Cool the Earth

    Geo-engineering: The Tech to Cool the Earth

    “We absolutely must put an end to this crazy experiment of releasing billions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.” Elon Musk The reality of climate change This article looks at geoengineering, a technique critical to the future of humanity, through the eyes of Make Sunsets, one of the first start-ups daring to implement it.…



    I restarted a book I left ten years ago. Satellite Sister by Maurice Dantec, the sequel to its Babylon Babies. The story has an amazing cyberpunk setting, taking place in 2030,  involving space race, global governance, UNollar, Richard Brandson. It’s the perfect Deus Ex bootleg. Unfortunately this book does not exist in English, but I…