Cars, engines of Eroticism

I am riding my car, a bound gagged girl in a truck.
I am a rider,
a sex criminal.
A cybernetic organism.
Me, the duct tape, the car, and soon the girl will only make one.
With the chromed tape, my victim is on her way to merge with the machine.
I crossed the bridge between mind and matter.

Outside the contraceptive pill and HRT, you, my reader, have probably never heard any case of hardtech driven sexuality. And I am really talking about sexuality in a very broad, Erotic way: fertility, fornication, perversion, danger, and eventually death. And regarding the particular technologies I will pick, cars and motorcycles, it will even seem like a very bizarre combination. This oddness is the recurring note of barely every review of David Cronenberg’s Crash: people cannot be aroused by car crashes, it’s a (science)fiction, it cannot exist. But if so, why does this movie work so well? Why did the mainstream media and authorities try to cancel the film, as it was not only pornographic, but a STD?

When I had my car accident two months ago, I was astonished that most of the cars were stopping while their drivers were taking photos of the wreck. It was like a peep-show: as the car was some kind of a sex-crime victim, bruised, and covered with filthy engine fluids and broken glass, that will remain on the ground after the wreck removal. 

A tool of liberty and degeneration

Cars were the means of the sexual revolution. With commodification of cars, countries, if not continents, became a vast playground calling for exploration. Take a car, fuck girls, do drugs, distribute communist propaganda. For the first time these actions that have been the properties of few became the properties of everyone: Middle class, lower class, women, black people. A car is a space of liberty. You can fuck, smoke a joint, sleep into it. Lot of Youtube videos are shot into a car, because, for a lot of people, it’s the only space of liberty that remains. Meth crisis was run by Meth labs on wheels, easy to hide, hard to track. Cars opened a golden age of lower class piracy.

Charlie CXC’s album, Crash

Hell’s Angels were the apex of this exponential distribution of liberty. More precisely 1960 California’s biker gangs: drugs, alcohol, mayhem, swastika, protests. The Satan’s Slave (a biker gang that was around Spahn ranch at this time) were so extreme that they were branding their girl friends using red irons. 

After the Berkeley revolt, leftist students wanted to see the Hells Angels’ boisterous nihilism as a sign of a natural alliance. Moreover, their asocial aggressiveness – in other words, their alienation – was hyping the Berkley aesthetes to death. Students who couldn’t sign a petition or choke down a candy cane were fascinated by the Hell Angels’ devastating exploits. In short, the Angels, who were not afraid to provoke the cops and taunt the authorities, had become the idols of the campus. The Angels didn’t jerk off under their bed sheet, they raped women. They didn’t LARP on theories. But they had biceps, guts and balls to spare.

– J. Hunter Thompson, Hell’s Angels

The computer kill the car

But this insane explosion of liberty did not last forever. In the same area, at the very same time, the alliance Pentagon, venture capitals and some computer nerds were initiating the building blocks of what will become Silicon Valley. Computer science will not only make the individual vehicle obsolete (with online shopping, dating apps, streaming service and remote work, car’s utilitarian purpose regarding corporations and the State will just vanish), but will also enable today’s system of mass surveillance and repression by the State. A means of totalitarian control applied mostly on the middle class, that now sees even the carbon impact of each of its CB transactions monitored.

“Brian, I do not expect you to understand all the science stuff, but what’s important is that the robot and the pre-teen boy ride away on one motorcycle to run away from society.”

– Stevie in Family Guy’s episode “Terminator”

The Terminator’s Judgment Day is not just fiction. It’s the real story of two antagonists: the cybernetics and liberty thirty individuals animated by pure eroticism, versus one global inhuman State running on database attacking fundamentals liberties, massing human flesh in concretes towers and public transports, leading to a guiltyfication of cars and a drop of fuck among young adults. And this struggle is not lost, at least for you, as an individual. Just…

Abolish public transport.
Take your car or your moto and find someone to fuck.
Escape in nature.
Plant some weed.
Bound and gag her.
Fuck like a wild animal.
Become your own motorised organism, again.
Use of technology has a meaning of Eroticism.


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