Dungeon News, May 2023

Here are some cool things I am working on.


I am back to a 100% Urbit after a few months of errance, due to the fact that I did not perform a factory reset when switching from Port to Urbit’s CLI. I am still very bullish on Urbit especially because France (my native country) is preparing censorship laws that would ban any hate speech by a 6 months to 1 year of social networks exclusion. For those who do not know, Urbit is one of the only, fully functioning peer to peer systems, being not only able to host forums, but also apps. If you want to learn more about Urbit, just go on urbit.org. Also Justin Murphy distributes Urbit planets for free at imperceptible.computer


  • Invite some french people I know on Urbit

The Accelerationist Party

I am building a political party, I don’t know to what degree it will be serious. My primary goal is building a propaganda machine that will distribute red pills in the meatspace, in a similar fashion to Curtis Yarvin’s Tucker Carlson interview. I want to provoke ideological damage. I am intending to publish the party’s manifesto before July. Also the domain name of the blog has change to acceleration.party in the next few days.


  • Write the manifesto and distribute it IRL
  •  Ask people I know on how to create a meetup
  • Gather members
  • Put redpills on the walls of Paris


I am preparing an article for Rage Magazine (a french webzine) on geo-engineering, or how to use tech to cool down the earth. I was  very inspired by a book by Neil Stephenson (Terminal Chock) and a real life startup, Make Sunset. An amazing subject, but also a very complicated one. I have reached out Make Sunset and its CEO, Luke Iseman, so I am waiting for a response to go further on the subject.


  • Give 10$ to Make Sunset for geo engineering


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