The Hyper-Sadism of the Patriarchic State

It was Eva’s morning.

She was gently wake-up by her blindfold, which was integrating a sunrise alarm clock system. Blindfold that only this connected alarm system can unlock, otherwise it stays in place. Like everyday, her first vision is Gaspard. It was her husband, her lover, her owner. He has the physic and the curly hairs of an angel.

(Crushing a butterfly is a terrible act.)

(Crushing a cockroach is a perfectly mundane act.)

(Esthetics have morals.)

(Gaspard could not be anything but pure morality.)

He could have woken her up by fucking her during her sleep. An illegal act for XXI century western girls, but a mandatory gesture in their relationship. She did not want to be empowered. She wanted to get her genome edited to become the cockroach.

Despite her forever locked electroshock collar that measured Eva’s fat consumption a day, breakfast was her little delight. Gaspard was always so nice in the morning, waiting even a few minutes before re-calibrating the allowed fat threshold, that, most of the time, end-up by a sweet punitive electroshocks.

Unfortunately, Eva does not have much time to savour her morning tortures. She has to go to the shower where will use a shampoo for a smart hair dye and a cream for photosensitive tattoos. Their importance was crucial, because the smart ink was communicating in-real-time the skin exposure of the whole body to her master’s interface, with a side effect of insufferable tickling provoked by stimulation of a nervous implant if the percentage of exposure did not please the interface.

The current parameters was about total whorification, with a surface of clothes that should never exceed the 30% of the whole body. She goes for a Calvin Klein top with leather shorts, frilly socks and platform ankle-boots. Before sealing her muzzle, Gaspard made her take her hypergamy pills. With XXI century feminism, love life had to be interchangeable, without constraints, harmless. But under the spell of Gaspard, Eva has fallen into  a spiral of confusing dependence, even asking for hypnosis sessions to push her slave condition to the next level. She has enough of being an atheist; she wanted the priest celebrating the black mass against Western feminism.

Gaspard closed his eyes when posing a passioned kiss on the lamb leather of her secured muzzle. Time to take the public transport to go to work.

We are in 2034, anarcho-tyranny is everywhere.

With global warming public transport became mandatory.

Public transports did not get any worse.

Mandatory means monopole and monopole means total abuse.

Public transport became a horror movie distributed into the arteries of the suburban body, made of filth, smell, darkness, barbaric crime, grooming gangs, infecting the in-motion meat of the capital.

Public transports were pushing the population into a forced assimilation to the excrementionnal motion of the green Capital.

Public transports were not a place for free women.

Most of them had to become boyish, to stop wearing make-up, skirts, and of course, jewels: to hide any of their femoïd attributes. But Eva did not have these problems, she was over these free girls, she was a slave. She was the illegal blond girl. She was out with her everyday-night humanoid bodyguard, rented via the Bond application, the Uber of bodyguards. The on-demand bodyguard, once rented, was immediately synchronised with Eva’s Neuralink implement, making any retaliation as fast as neural transmission.

A suburban scum bag entered the train. Starring women, insulting them when behaving recklessly. He had barely the time to insult Eva, because of the immediate reaction of the robot. Eva had just to think, to do a small electric impulse in her brain to trigger the reaction of the guard-bot, impulse immediately translated into kinetic energy that would break the get rid of the menace. The triggered process was not sadistic, because it was following a very precise and violent aggression/counter-aggression program, and this program was elaborated by an IA to bring total destruction to its meat target. The process was completely detached from any western femoid vengeful desire.The process immediately broke the jaw of the target, broke each of the four members before methodically destroying both testicles. Adapted to public transport, the process evacuated the target at the next station. To avoid any recidive, the process placed an USB key filled with terrorist content and CP to insure a total destruction of the target when state funded mercenaries/gang (we are in 2034; police was abolished) will come for him. Any human control of the process of sadistic counter-aggression would have been imperfect because, from Eva’s human perspective, sadism would have been a means for pleasure, and thus, would have been inevitably limited to one’s capacity to receive pleasure. With AI, sadism becomes unlimited, virtualized, capitalised, it becomes its own value, its own sake.

The process was Hyper-sadistic.

Eva’s job was regular office work in some luxurious first arrondissement’s company. The muzzle fitted perfectly her environment since the Chilian flu outbreak and regarding her bimbo outfit, it was frankly not an issue since she was outperforming any other candidate to the position. This miracle was made possible through Gaspard, who hacked her Neurolink to implement illegal AI features. But these features were not only illegal, they were insanely dangerous. Any side effect can transform her into a brain damaged doll. A horrible and sweet predicament. Her lifeless body would become the property of her love. He would be pampering her, diapering her, raping her, torturing her, cum-feeding her for eternity. A one way ticket for the sadistic singularity, the point where sadism tends to the infinite.

After her hard day of work, Eva had a rendez-vous in a restaurant with Gaspard. She had to go by foot to the restaurant, not because of any green propaganda, but because Gaspard put some demonic care into monitoring and enforcing the smell of her feet and shoes. Each one of her shoes was equipped with a chip measuring its temperature and sweating. Eva’s was a dîner sur pattes.

Their date was amazing. Once seated, Gaspard took off her muzzle and they immediately started a passionate discussion. The diner was terrific: carefully sliced sushi, makis covered with salmon roes, served with a genetically modified white vine crossed with wild hemp. At the end of the diner, Gaspard had a gift for her: a Hermes silk scarf with two aeroplane tickets. Pure craziness: since the 2031’s Jancovici law, aeroplane tickets were submitted to strict restrictions, with a maximum of 5 aeroplane journeys in a lifetime. They were for tonight and heading toward a mysterious middle-east destination.

Gaspard ordered a self-driving Taxi.

“But… I did not have any suit-case…” said Eva.

“You don’t need one where we are going.” replied Gaspard, devouring her wife’s flesh.

Eva was dazed by Gaspard fragrance, Paco Rabane’s Singularity, an AI generated perfume. A registered girl-bait. Priceless. Banned in the West.




Any normal woman would have been anxious: using your unique chance of travelling in a reckless manner? Going to a region of the world where women have no right and can get executed for things that are mundane, here, in the civilized West? But Eva was not in his normal state anymore, drunk with her husband swallowing her wet pussy. But suddenly, Gaspard had enough, and started attacking her shoes, taking one of Eva’s smelly socks, gagging her with it before putting back the muzzle over it, before using the Hermes scarf to tie her hands behind her back. 

It was like a taking-off, like if she was becoming brain damaged by all this explostion sadism.

He penetrated her.

(Was it right? Did it have the right? What if I did not want to get pregnant?)

They were terrifying questions, but hopefully Eva was gagged. She had no other choice than danger, pleasure and destruction.

She was a lamb that was smelled, bitted, violated, and finally devoured  by the young wolf.

It was a nuclear explosion, a cum-bomb inside her.

Ego disintegrated at the impact.

Once in the plane, Gaspard made the destination’s reveal: they were heading to the Patriarchic State,  a crypto-state, run by crypto venture and AI. The Patriarchic was the same as any regular state in the West, but inverted. Eva was still wearing her muzzle with the dirty sock stuck in her mouth. When approaching the destination femoïd passengers were required to be muzzled and cuffed. When hearing that, Eva made a sign to Gaspard, trying to make him understood that she wanted her sock out. “I will fix this sweetie.” At some point, she really thought that Garpard would take off this horrible gag. How naive she was. He invited her to the bathroom, where he took-off her muzzle and gag, but only to cum in her mouth before putting back the socks and the muzzle. Of course the plane was now in the Patriarchic State’s air-space making any gag-removal illegal.

Once at the airport, they joined the line for the Patriarchic State’s permanent resident card application. Speakers were looping the Patriarchic’s constitution: Women were forbidden from driving, mandatory veil, gag and restraints in public, feminist propaganda and sex outside marriage was punishable by death, etc. Being a Patriarchic citizen was a one way journey: to get her Patriachic nationality Eva had to burn her passport in front of a camera, before the video was minted and diffused across the world wide web.

After this Gaspard and Eva were processed to a Patriarchic marriage, in the Progressive Cathedral, a gigantic, modern and extropic structure made by the Sadistic AI. A Patriarchic priest was waiting for them inside to perform the naturalisation ritual. They took off clothing, gears and restraints, listened the priest, genetically signed the Patriarchic covenant and eventually put on their collar/ID card that would link them forever to the  ruling Patriarchic AI.

Bondage, domination, masochism and sadism were now metrics completely outsourced to any human control.

To finish the ritual, Eva had to crawl in a small cage, where she was gagged, blindfolded, plugged and intubated by every possible hole. In the Patriarchic state, each one of its female features was becoming a parameter to increase the global capital of sadism. Breath-control by the nose, force feeding by the ball gag, piss collection and redistribution to the hydration system, anal aspiration and stimulation, mechanic milking on its breath, etc.

Eva was in a state of ego-death.

But for the AI, that was now interfacing with Eva at the neural level, this was not a reason to stop.

It was a reason to accelerate.

“Eva, tell the AI, you will be sent for 3 weeks in a slave farm for your education. You will only breath, eat, see, talk when the Patriarchic State will want you to do so. And you are pregnant. Of two daughters. They are the property of the Patriarchic State. They will be happy here.”

The cage was mechanically dropped outside, where the heat and burn of the sun where added to the steel cage’s predicament. Despite the total physical fulfilment of both holes and uterus, Eva was feeling empty. She was the brain-dead girl she always wanted to be. Hearing the moaning of other caged girls on the pier, she decided to moan too. Not to complain, but in a pure animalistic mimetism.

It was the beginning of Eva’s journey as a bride of the Patriarchic State.


Thanks for your reading. If you liked this text and want more do not hesitate to contact me at This text was mostly inspired by the concept of Eroticism developed by George Bataille.


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