Dungeon News, January 2024

As we embark on a new year, let us collectively harness the lessons and intellectual triumphs of the past to pave a path towards a year replete with enlightened discovery and profound wisdom.

– ChatGTP 4, opening sentence from a high IQ individual wishing Happy New Year.

Welcome back to the Accelerationist Party.

Wish we will get AGI in 2024.

2023 was an overwhelming year, but it had its load of crazy stuff: meet-ups, books, ideas, technologies. If I check my todo-list I issued last year, around May, I managed to get most of my goals achieved, at least partly. I think the most significant ones were my e/acc meetup, and my short story about the Patriarchy State, which was one of my most appreciated publications.

Finish all writings

First resolution will be to finish all the texts I’ve started by 2023. I got tons of texts, very smart texts, that I did not finish last year. I won’t work on anything else* till I did not finish all these texts. Here is the list of my writings en souffrance :

  • Kx3
  • Sanjuro or the anti-anti project
  • Exit the Domus
  • Degeneright
  • Def Drop


I am working on a publishing platform, something very close to what I created with Sade.club, but far more simple, mixing AI and $CRYPTO. Code name is 4IQ.

Articles in magazines

I am planning two important articles as a third-parties. First will be an interview of Justin Murphy for the French magazine Rage-culture. Second will be a review of Satellite Sisters (Babylon A.D II) from the French science-fiction and hypersticious author Maurice G. Dantec for Man’s World magazine.

Muzzles and leather hoods

Something that could have been taken as a joke, but I was very serious about, was prototyping muzzles and hoods. There are free patrons on the Internet, and I am determined to make what you’ve red in my short story the Patriachic State real and available for crypto on the Internet.

Note to myself: someone should dig more into space-time gravity distortion. See, if we lack new lands to explore, can we not send satellites into some low gravity zone to colonize the future/past, with the power of relativity theory?

* Not 100% true


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