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I am finally presenting what I was up to for the last few months, but before that, I wanted to issue a warning. A toothless, contained version of this project exists. It was built, not for the project itself, but for the purpose of having a line on my CV. I was sacrificing the erotic nature of my pursuit to the monstruous void of Linkedin’s utilitarianism. I have sinned, and this sin should be taken as a cautionary tale.

Following Charlie Hebdo’s terror attacks, I became obsess with free speech, quickly figuring-out that this vital domain have become nothing more than an Olympics of complaints. But free speech has never been about lamentation. Free speech is about action. It’s about a total war on moderation. And, inspired by others (the Marquis de Sade but also Cody Wilson) I’ve decided to start a bet against the market : I want to short those who want to regulate freespeech.

So I decided to become a book publisher, and came-out with this very specific problematic: What would have made the Marquis de Sade with all this technology available today?

Deep Fake, Zero Knowledge, IA, peer2peer, crypto-money, encryption, 4chan : We live in an age of crazy technological change. Since the beginning of the century, informational tech has just become exponential with zero sign of slow-down. Two hundred years earlier, the original print of the story Justine and Juliette of the Marquis de Sade was about ten volumes with hundred engraved illustrations. Totally illegal, It was “the largest underground pornographic book printing operation ever seen in the history”, to quote Jean-Jacques Pauvert. Just imagine what this 18th century mad man would have done nowadays with deep fakes?

Writings distribution is stuck right now, nothing new since Amazon self-publishing in 2007. To fill this void, I founded and I want it to be the decentralised 4chan of literature. A place where your writings are forever, powered by crypto-money and peer2peer tech. It’s a long shot.

The alpha version is available right now. You can turn your writings into beautiful and shareable pdfs, onboarding your Ethereum address and my real name. Doxxing myself was an essential part of the design: It’s a sacrifice that I want to make for each book print, it’s my proof-of-eroticism. I have even taken the thing to the extreme by creating a Linkedin page for the Sade Club, pouring my creation into the very evil of our age.

But enough poetry, we need to talk roadmap and techniques.

V.0.1 (We are here)

  • You can just publish and download books, there is no need for connection.
  • A valid ethereum public key is mandatory for book publishing. You can easily create one with Metamask. It’s very important, because it will be used in future versions to receive payment and to connect to the site.
  • Books you are publishing right now are free, nobody is getting paid FOR NOW.
  • The SadeClub is 100% centralised, which is not exactly true, because your work can and will be exported as pdf file and will make it on the web)


  • User connection to Sade Club using Metamask wallet.
  • Payment system : author will be paid in Ethereum. It’s still unclear if the site will automatically set the price using the word counts or will let the user set his own price (in $ETH or $Dollar?)


  • Use of a smart-contract for transactions to pay multiple authors at the same time, allowing books to have multiple Ethereum addresses at the same time. To avoid expensive ETH gas fees.


  • Move files to IPFS (decentralised protocol, like Bittorrent), encrypting them. At this point, Sade Club does not host files anymore, it is just selling decryption keys for files. Third parties can start to replace Sade.Club.
  • Offline mode for the client side.


  • Hosting the book index in the Ethereum blockchain.

This prototype is meant to be used. If you have an issue or an idea of improvement, feel free to contact me by mail ( or on Twitter. Sade Club is a long shot, achieving the maximum amount of decentralisation won’t be easy. The challenge of the V2.0 will be as much about the tech stack than user experience.

I will alternate coding with writing/drawing to stay healthy in the long run: crunching on a coding project can be exhausting and being a dad and a husband my free time only starts after 9:00 pm, a schedule shared with a job search.

Thanks for your support!

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