Nixon and the Second Coming

“You must be familiar with my favorite poem by Yeats, The Second Coming. Black Irish, very moving.”

– Director of CIA in Nixon (Oliver Stone, 1995). The full scene can be found here: 

Rise of State Agencies

During my last watch of Oliver Stone’s Nixon, I encountered a poem by Yeats, recited by Richard McGarrah Helms, director of the CIA. I am normally insensitive to poetry, but despite this, I was invaded by the alliance of scenery, words and acting. I decided to report on this.

If you look the scene closely, you can notice that, not only a statue of a bird of prey stands behind chief of the CIA, but also that this one is turning around Nixon / the viewer, hinting that CIA is the falcon gone rogue, when the falconer is the US presidency. In the dialog, the director of the CIA describes the CIA as having its “own politics”, its own intrigues, being like an independent organism. 

What is Nixon’s movie about? Nixon was pressured by the FBI and CIA that he was not able to trust anymore, and decided to create its own secret cabinet, the plumbers, to investigate leaks in the Press. His downfall with the Watergate affair was the turning point in White House’s devolution to newborn states agencies, FBI, CIA and soon NSA. Did not the CIA present “misleading” documents to George W. Bush to invade Iraq? Did not the FBI launch an investigation on Hillary Clinton two weeks before her presidential election? States agencies have become ghost governments with their very own politics.

Apokalypsis = Revelation

Another important discovery, when I was analyzing the poem itself, was that the apocalypse, from the Greek word apokalypsis, basically means unveiling or revelation. In the biblical perspective, Alex Jones, with his video of the Bohemian Groove, is a messenger of the apokalypsis. He has unveiled how hideous our rulers were. After this he got black-listed to the point where he cannot order even an Uber car and was asked to pay half a billion dollars for his  coverage of the Sandy Hook massacre. The war on freedom of speech is nothing more than a war run by satanic forces that want to cancel their apokalypsis.


There is a lot to say about this poem. I really recommend you to check its wikipedia page, that will provide context, but also highlights on some term of the poem.

About misleading documents provided to George W. Bush by CIA.

Nixon: “Nobody will ever beat Kennedy in 64 with all the money in the world.”
[Deep state guy n°4]: “Suppose… Kennedy don’t run in 64.”

— Nixon (Oliver Stone, 1995)

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